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Finding the ideal domain name is not always easy. It takes lots of research, creative thinking and sometimes quite bit of negotation skills if someone else owns the domain you want. 

The general rules for obtaining the most desireable name are:
1. Select a .com (dot com)
2. Keep it short and memorable (6 letters or less if possible)
3. Get a single word if possible or a two word combination.
4. Avoid numerals, stick with letters only.

One of the biggest hurdles today is the high demand for the most desireable top level domain (TLD) .com (dot com) domain names.  The others such as .net, .org and the numerous other TLD extensions can be used but they just don't have the value that the .com domains do.  Additionally, short, memorable, single word domains are almost impossible to obtain without a signficant investment and two word combinations are increasing in demand.  Until fairly recently, you could still register 4 letter domains that contained obscure, meaningless collections of letters like or (which had possibilities as acronyms so I grabbed them), but today no more 4 letter domains remained unregistered. Even the most obscure 4 letter domains are selling for more than $1000.  5 letter domains are quickly being snatched up as well although there are still a very large number of them available. Again, most will be meaningless jumbles of letters unless you happen to find one that can serve as an acronym for your company or service.

Some of the domains that we currently have available are: (sold)
If you are interested in any of these domains, please click on the links above or send your serious inquiries/offers for consideration to domains (at)

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